Drivers caught twice on phone should face a ban, police urge

Motorists who are caught for a second time using a mobile phone at the wheel should be banned from the roads, says a leading police officer.Suzette Davenport, Chief Constable of Gloucestershire, accused the Government of failing to get tough with offenders because it might be a vote-loser.Miss Davenport, who speaks on roads policing for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: “My view is that if someone is caught twice using a mobile phone within a period of time we should be considering things like disqualifications for short periods of time.

DVLA is carrying out a review of number plates and would like to know customers’ thoughts.

Number plates are essential to keeping our roads safe. They serve a really important purpose of helping police and other enforcement agencies identify vehicles.

The rules on displaying number plates are in place to make sure number plates are memorable and visible so vehicles breaking the law are easily identified.

Learner drivers warned about extra charges

A car theory test costs £31 and a practical test costs £62 when booked through the official website; all driving test costs are at

You can book a theory test at and a practical driving test at