Are you are a lapsed learner and want to take lessons again? You’ve probably got quite a lot of experience and skills under your belt already, it just needs a bit of tweaking. We’re here to help you build confidence on the road, pass your test and become a safe driver for the rest of your life.

Even failing your driving test is not the end of the world. In fact, if you already know what it’s like to sit a test, you can prepare yourself better for the big day. We’ll help you figure out what went wrong the first time round and we’ll work on that with you. In our experience, the most common stumbling blocks are:

Hazard awareness
The Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre routine
Approaching junctions and roundabouts
Traffic signs
Changing gear
Emergency Stop
Parallel parking
Turing your car
Adjusting to weather conditions
Moving off uphill

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